The Water and Art area of GHESA Ingeniería y Tecnología is founded on the design, manufacturing and installation of elements using water and artificial lighting for artistic and ornamental ends. Our professionalism in the development and execution of our works allows us to successfully meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Our success is grounded in five general lines of action:

  • Continuous customer service and attention to their needs. We collect all necessary information and have the right people with the required qualifications to answer all queries and complete any project successfully.
  • Commitment to the ongoing improvement and innovation of our organisation, our products and our services. Innovation stemming from the development of new products based on our experience and the latest technologies available on the market. Improvement from taking advantage of opportunities arising from risk-based thinking.
  • Quality of the work performed. We provide of the specific technical and material resources needed for each project, along with project-specific planning.
  • Fulfilment of requirements, both our customers’ as well as legal and regulatory ones. Knowledge and application of general codes and standards at the level of regulations and ordinances, as well as the requirements of our customers and standard ISO 9001.
  • Dialogue of art and technology. Water, artificial lighting and music complement one another with new mechanical and multimedia technologies to enable us to offer our customers a wide range of possibilities.

Our quality policy can only be accomplished through the hard work and dedication of our employees. The Area Management is supported by a team of professionals who share both the challenge of fulfilling an ongoing commitment to quality and technological innovation and the satisfaction of reaping the fruits of a job well done.

Jaime de la Cruz Coello, Director